Want to know how Spider-Man survives? We’ve got the 411!


Dissecting Fiction has learned through reliable sources that the Avengers will defeat Thanos through technology, specifically a combination of Time-Travel and the Quantum Realm. Utilizing Captain Marvel’s intense power, the team will create a device that allows them to create alternate dimensions, each of which featuring their own heroes and villains. Though the heroes who died in the original MCU will remain so in that timeline, other timelines will allow for endless storytelling possibilities.

Some of these worlds have been revealed to Dissecting Fiction.

First is Spider-World:

Spider-World, where Far From Home takes place,  features a Spider-Man whose allies never died. This explains Nick Fury’s presence in the trailer. Expect a lot of references to the Ultimate Universe and the eventual introduction of Miles Morales. This continuity will ignore the Venom-Verse, though hopes are that the two worlds will eventually cross-over as a result of Morbius’ famous multiversal motorbike.


 Next is Spy-World:

Sham Rock Our World!

Spy-World will separate many of the secret agents and military based characters into their own continuity. Black Widow will be the first film to take place in this continuity, though it will grow to include Deathlok, a female Paladin, Solo and, surprisingly, Black Panther. There is some internal discussion of bringing the Netflix characters into this side of the multiverse, creating an international Defenders team (which would see a male take on Namorita) and a Shamrock solo movie.

We will also see Space-World:

Anchored by The Guardians of the Galaxy, Space-World will continue this momentum as Darcy assumes the mantle of Thor and Ned Leeds takes on a new role as a comedic Nova.

Last but not least, What The?! World:

Sutherland’s Greatest Role?

Featuring Kiefer Sutherland as Forbush Man, What The!? will receive three anthology films a year, exploiting the legendary series. Rumors are that Johnny Depp is seeking a top secret role in What The?! Volume 4. Can you say The Mandrill?

Last but not least…

April Fools!