Come along, Johnny, we’re counting on you to fly us to the promised land!

This past Saturday at Living Dead Weekend, the producers and director of the coming Night of the Living Dead II revealed their first cast announcements, and they’ll certainly be familiar to fans of George Romero’s Dead films.

Terry Alexander, Day of the Dead’s John, recently completed work on The Dark Offerings with Night of the Living Dead II’s Marcus Slabine and Elizabeth Piper S. Since his role in Day, Alexander has appeared across television and film in projects like Conspiracy Theory.

Jarlath Conroy, Day of the Dead’s Bill McDermott, returns to the fight and has remained a consistent presence in film, stage, video games and television all the while. Gamer’s may recognize Conroy’s voice from Grand Theft Auto IV, wherein the veteran actor portrayed Aiden O’Malley

Lori Cardille, Day of the Dead’s Sarah Bowman, is also back in the mix. After Day, Bowman would star in the excellent Tales from the Darkside episode “Florence Bravo”. Cardille also appears in Doomsday, the television series, which shares producer Vincent Petrosini with Night of the Living Dead II.

Well, what immediately jumps out here is that all three characters portrayed by the actors SURVIVED Day of the Dead…and ended up on an island. 

Boy, those preview pictures sure did seem to have waterlogged undead

Well, I’m sure we’ll find out what’s going on soon enough.

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