Kenny Williams vs. Rey Mysterio – ICW’s Fear and Loathing X, November 19th, 2017

WWE recently announced the second UK Tournament and an incredible field of competitors to go along with it. Current WWE UK Champion Pete Dunne has really set the tone for the loose division, always providing intriguing and impressive matches in his title defenses. The crowning of a new Number One Contender could be a seminal moment for the division heading into the future. In recent years, promotions like Progress, Insane Championship Wrestling and the former What Culture now Defiant Wrestling have proven the U.K. and much of Western Europe to be a true hotspot for talent discovery. The WWE is justified in their interest, and I hope that the division evolves into something truly special.

As mentioned, the WWE has done a wonderful job of booking talent for the new tournament, so I thought it would be appropriate one of the hottest talents in the bracket. Though I had a lot of choices, I’ll go with someone who I think has a real chance of challenging Dunne: Kenny Williams. The three time ICW Zero-G Champion has built a wonderful reputation across the globe, and seems primed for superstardom. Outside of a ton of buzz amongst hardcore fans, Williams has already wrestled on 205 Live, at least proving that he is a trusted talent within the organization. Though 205 Live has continued to struggle to find its identity, Williams was able to deliver on arguably the biggest stage of his career.

Though his WWE appearance may have been the biggest stage, his biggest match took place last fall. At ICW’s Fear and Loathing X, Williams would face off against a true living legend of the sport, Rey Mysterio. Mysterio himself is experiencing quite a career renaissance, proving that he is still a valuable talent and has made a habit of popping up in some of the hottest promotions in the world. Few wrestlers are truly bigger than their WWE runs, but Rey is one of them. In this match, both men are aware that this is a true showcase for their skills and Mysterio gives Williams his all, in turn giving the rising star a match to hang his hat on. If you are unfamiliar with Williams, this is a great place to start as you can see him working with a talent you are no doubt familiar with.

It is also a lot of fun.

This match, along with a quite a few others, are available on ICW’s YouTube Channel for free.