It’s very rare that I come across something that really inspires me. When you have a story to tell, it eats away at your insides. You want to share your idea with the world, but you’re also afraid that the world may reject it. It doesn’t matter though, it’s a part of you, no matter the circumstances. I feel like that’s what it means to be an artist, whether you’re trying to make a movie, write a story, or paint a picture. It is an extension of you and who you are. These feelings overwhelmed me as I watched Brigsby Bear.

Brigsby Bear is the first feature film from director Dave McCary, and is co-written by Kevin Costello and Kyle Mooney. Mooney stars in the film as James, kidnapped as a baby and brought to live with April and Ted (Mark Hamill). Hamill’s role is basically a cameo, but it’s still always great to see (or hear) him in something. While James was living with his captors, they created a show for him to watch: Brigsby Bear. Once rescued, James is obsessed with finishing its story. The film shows what it is like to be truly obsessed with your art. Even when others don’t want to think of Brigsby anymore, James knows that he must. He knows it’s a part of him. To just forget about that something that’s a part of you feels like cutting an arm off. There were many moment where I saw a lot of myself in James. That feeling of just wanting to express yourself, whether other people agree with it or not, is very prominent in the film. It is even conveyed through Police Detective Vogel (Greg Kinnear), who has always wanted to act. Once James starts to formulate his Brigsby Bear movie, he gives Vogel that opportunity. Again we see that need for self expression, and it is conveyed beautifully. You also have James’ real parents who, at first, don’t want to even mention Brigsby anymore. They eventually see just how much it means to him, and despite it all, they encourage him. Brigsby Bear has a lot of heart, and has rekindled a passion within myself. I don’t often get like this with movies anymore. This movie makes you want to get together with your friends and create something. If you’re like me and have always felt like there was something you need to share with the world, then watch this movie.

Brigsby Bear is currently available on VOD and Blu-Ray from Sony Pictures Classics.