Fourteen years ago, Pixar released what I consider to be their best film. Though The Incredibles was the studio’s first time tackling the superhero genre, writer/director Brad Bird, along with his team, had a clear vision. The sequel is no different and is the best superhero movie I’ve seen this year.

Incredibles 2 picks up right where the first one left off. Superheroes are still outlawed, and the Parr family is still getting into trouble. While watching the opening scene, I couldn’t help but to have a smile on my face. Even though all of the heroes in The Incredibles were original characters, they encourage you to recall the Saturday morning cartoons of one’s childhood. I think a lot of that has to do with the production team’s vision. The Sixties style homes and furniture give it a signature but familiar setting. Michael Giacchino’s upbeat jazz score is reminiscent of cartoons like Johnny Quest or Space Ghost. Along with that, you have some more mature elements. This time around Winston Deavor (Bob Odenkirk), is trying to change the public’s opinion about superheroes and enlists The Incredibles to do so. Thankfully, the entire original cast returns.

Craig T. Nelson and Holly Hunter both do an incredible job (see what I did there) reprising their roles. At first, Mr. Incredible is left at home with the kids and it makes for some of the best moments in the movie. Samuel L. Jackson returns as Frozone, and he is the only man for the role.  Jackson is so cool, he doesn’t even have to act as Frozone.

I don’t know how accurate that last sentence is, but I like to think that Jackson shows up to record his dialogue and the only direction they give is to be himself.

The real star of the movie is Jack Jack, though I don’t want to say to much as to avoid giving anything away. Though the film did feel like it was rehashing a little bit of the first one, everything I’ve pointed out more than overshadows that. I had a great time from start to finish with this. Since they had a huge opening weekend, I wouldn’t be surprised if we get more Incredibles movies very soon.

Incredibles 2 is playing in theaters everywhere.