A while back I wrote a pick for the horror comedy, WolfCop. I wanted more of this character and the universe that he inhabits, and I got my wish.

Even though it was said that there would be a follow up in the end credits of the first movie, I never thought it would actually happen. Not that WolfCop didn’t have a growing fan base, but it’s just really hard to get these type of indie projects off the ground. I’m happy to say that was not the case here.

In my opinion, Another WolfCop exceeds the original. In this one, a new hockey rink is opening up in town. This provides a bit more focus, whereas the first film we were taken all over the town. Even though that worked really well to introduce us to this universe, Lowell Dean focuses a bit more on the story than its setting this time. The whole original cast returns, with Leo Fafard in the titular role. He does a fine job again, but it’s really Jonathan Cherry as Wille Higgins who steals the show. Cherry gives one of the best comedic performances that I have ever seen in a movie. He knows exactly how to deliver each line, and never misses a beat. He even provides quite a bit of physical comedy. Yannick Bisson stars as the villain, and eats up the scenery but does it so well that you can’t help but to enjoy it. There’s even a great cameo by someone we all know, but I’m not going to spoil that here.

Just like the first film, we have plenty of practical effects on display. Lowell Dean’s direction is something I have to point out too. He has this style that feels like a Troma movie, but is still unique to him. In Troma films, the plots can be absolutely ridiculous, often to the point where you don’t take anything that’s happening seriously. Dean does that to a certain extent, but knows when to slow the ride down to give a genuine character moment. 

Another WolfCop is available on Blu-Ray and DVD.