DC Comics takes the crown this week, but with one Superman title you might not expect!

Pick of the Week: Superman Giant #3 (DC Comics)

Some fans and retailers are not too happy with the existence of the Wal-Mart exclusive 100 Page Giant line from DC, but I have been enjoying them quite a bit. In addition to the new material, they give fans both old and new an opportunity to catch up on missed arcs. That said, I think it is the new stuff that is about to garner a lot of attention. Tom King and Andy Kubert bring us “Up In The Sky“, a new tale of Superman from two of the best the business has to offer. While not falling within the constraints of current continuity, the narrative lines up quite well with both King and Bendis’ recent interpretations of The Man of Steel. Without having to adhere to current storylines, King is able to carve a timeless entry into the legend of the last son of Krypton. It is evident that he seeks to dig into his psyche, as he did with The Bat. The creative team brings out all of the big guns for this one, and it is a joy to read. This gives Kubert many opportunities to play with the most beloved characters in the DCU, and I can’t help but feel he was having a ball here. Hopefully, Bendis will do as well when his Batman tale is published.

Runners Up:
Sideways #8 (DC Comics)

Though Dan DiDio has written a good number of titles over his tenure at DC, few stories have truly stuck out. Finally, with Sideways, he’s really tapped into something unique. With Max Traynor and Trevor Scott on art, the titular hero is now exploring some of the wilder aspects of the Dark Multiverse. By issues end, he even finds himself in front of a few creatures with eerily familiar features. Heck, one even kind of looks like Superman. If you’re struggling to figure this one out, you may want to refer to the latest issue of DC Nation.

Superman #3 (DC Comics)

Brian Michael Bendis continues his ever strengthening run on Superman, joined by Oclair Albert, Joe Prado and Ivan Reis on art. Not unlike its Giant counterpart, this issue sees Superman consulting some of his closest confidants in his continuing struggle against Rogol Zaar. Some have criticized the humor in this book, but I think Bendis is really getting into a nice groove in that respect. I can’t wait to see what happens next.