Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #37 (DC Comics)
Runners Up: Marvel Two-In-One #2 (Marvel Comics), Doomsday Clock #3 (DC Comics)

Robert Venditti, Rafael Sandoval and Jordi Tarragona bring us the latest adventure in Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps, Zod’s Will. Follwing recent events in Action Comics, Zod, Ursa, Lor-Zod and The Eradicator are all back on the loose in the DCU. With Superman time displaced, handling this Kryptonian threat falls on the shoulders of 2814’s most experienced Lanterns. Boy are they going to need that experience. Aside from being one of the most tightly constructed books in a solid week of comics, I also enjoy the use of The Lanterns’ connection to Superman’s rogues gallery. Outside of their galactic connections, both Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner are directly tied to The Death and Return of Superman, a story that would incite the arrival of the villainous Parallax. Seeing Hal next to The Eradicator adds a certain gravity for long time fans, a welcome addition to the already imposing Zod. Sandoval and Tarragona pack this one with iconography and pure action. Though there are many buzz books this week, The Corps takes the crown with some great, classic superhero action.

Speaking of great, classic superhero action… have you been yearning for a new Fantastic Four book? You have? Well, it’s already out- but it’s called Marvel Two-In-One. Chip Zdarsky continues to prove his expertise in crafting fun tales which never lose track of their heart. Jim Cheung delivers some of his best work since Force Works to back up Zdarsky’s script. Okay, that was kind of a joke, though I’m always willing to talk about Force Works if you want. I’m often shocked with all of the Iron Man fervor it never came back. If it did, Jim Cheung should draw it. Sorry. Really, Cheung delivers in a book filled with fun monsters to look at.

We round out this list with Geoff Johns and Gary Frank’s Doomsday Clock. Every time a new issue comes out, I half expect that it will be my number one pick. I know the moment is coming where this book will truly explode; I can’t imagine Johns would have done it if it isn’t coming. That moment is not found in this issue, but we are treated to a deftly crafted issue which starts to unravel a few more of the mysteries of this Multiverse world.